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I’ve watched this at least 200 times

please delete this

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✧~* S  L  A  Y  E  R *~✧

Anonymous sent:

Why can't people understand that "skinny shaming" can be just as upsetting as being bullied for being too fat. It works both ways, to say you're fed up of it is completely insulting and ignorant seeing as (I can assume) it's an issue you have never been forced to face. I've been subject to people shouting names in the street, telling me to eat more and calling me anorexic. I think those people need to focus their efforts elsewhere - not those who are upset by it.

Please follow my directions and seriously compare your life to that of someone who is fat, and then focus your energy the hell out of my inbox.

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i’m so confused about vivian james. why did someone need funding to make a three-dimensional female character? and why is that three-dimensional character a two-dimensional gamer waifu?

I am so fucking done with skinny people crying about “skinny shaming”. Get some fucking perspective or get out of here. Stop trying to silence fat people and focus your energy elsewhere.

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Ha!  He’s finally done!

I’m back in Halifax now and going off of the Dipper and Mabel gifs I did before, I wanted to do one of Bill!  I’ve been working on it off and on for most of this week but it’s been a fun exercise.  Mabel and Dipper’s gifs have been inbetweened now so expect cleaned up/coloured/shaded versions of those up sometime in the future too.


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Prince charming by ladyskorpia

"I found him.
I found my soulmate.
Behold my idiot as he spazzes into the sunset”

you don’t know how much i laugh at this every time i see it

this hits my dash about three times a week and i laugh every time.

I have never seen this before, but damn it’s hard to keep from laughing when you’re sitting in a dead silent lecture

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what i say: i'm so pumped for the next Ava's Demon chapter
what i mean: please dont let ava and odin get separated. please dont let ava and odin get separated. please dont let ava and odin get separated. please dont let ava and odin get separated. please dont let ava and odin get separated. please dont let ava and odin get separated. please dont let ava and odin get separated.




I’ve made a new spread in my efforts to promote the wonderful show MisSpelled, and the Kickstarter campaign they’re currently running to fund the rest of the season! (I care about this a lot you guys!)

One of my favourite moments in the first episode (which you should watch, by the way!) is when the girls have gotten together to cast a circle, and Gladys asks, “Should we have googled this?” (Probably!)

So, I present to you my MisSpelled Spread

Card One — WTF Am I Even Doing? will help you clarify your goal and show you what the actual point is.

Cards Two to Five — How tho?? are going to be your advice cards on how to accomplish Card One — you may even get a sequence of steps to follow here.

Card Six — TL;DR will either sum up the last four cards (in case you weren’t paying attention) or give you a bare bones “at the very LEAST just do this” step.

Card Seven — Oh, and JSYK… will point out any helpful tips or advice that mysterious beings in the universe may want you to know about what you’re trying to do — although a grimoire at your door is NOT guaranteed (but you’ve got one in your deck, now don’t you?).

While you’re doing the spread, go check out the MisSpelled episodes on youtube and support their Kickstarter! Spread the word so that we can get even more witchery out of this show in the future!

So I just watched all of the episodes they have filmed and up. I actually really loved this.

So I’m sharing in hopes that they raise the money they need to continue.

They’ve only raised $7,677 but they need $75,000. Only 10 more days to pull this off.

I wish so badly I could contribute to this. Please, if you can, make a pledge or reblog it for someone else who can.



Aya Takano 2014

”May All Things Dissolve in the Ocean of Bliss”



I’m just really tired of shitnerds commenting on my Anita Sarkeesian post. Literally the only two points they bring up are “MEN get hurt TOOOOOO” and “Anita’s a stealing lying thieving thief!” and then threaten to rape me.

Do they not see? Exactly?? What they’re doing????