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me in school

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What happened in the rest of the presentation to lead to this closing slide?

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Okay guys I’ve been doing stuff but now I’m back! Because I have data and flowww~

I have officially turned into an old woman. Like, I thought I was getting there maybe, but here’s officially a list of why I’m 17 going on 70:

Weird veiny sores that don’t hurt but creep me out
I am constantly mad at the weather for being delightful
I own and use a walker
I’ve eaten like 3 bags of hard candy
I stay up until ungodly hours of the morning
I have a shower chair
I’ve yelled at the kids across the street to turn down their hateful music
I’ve started having meaningful conversations with my cats.

I’m gonna look up retirement homes for myself tomorrow because this is ridiculous. 







my dad told me he made a tumblr to try and find my tumblr

stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds


after a whopping 5 minutes he has given up the search

"i don’t understand how this fucking website works" said dad

well, hi there

this better not be my actual dad or i s2g i am deleting

Just Re-Watched Wreck-It-Ralph

It’s up there in my top ten favorite films (make me choose any less and I WLL hurt you), for SO MANY reasons. 

But I want to talk about one aspect in particular about the film, that there were references EVERYWHERE. So I’m gonna talk a little about King Candy, spoilers under the cut.

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Tumblr and Bullying

Important things for people on tumblr to realize:

That’s basically it.


Guess who just burnt the shit out of her boobs? I bet you didn’t know that someone could exclusively burn their boobs but hey guess what it just happened.

BEFORE I GO. I just want to make sure you all knew it was me. I burnt the shit out of my boobs. 

That’s all, carry on.

Um, sorry guys.

I just got a thingamajig in my inbox.

You could say I’m pretty excited about it.

So I gotta go for a little bit, but I’ll be back soon or whatever.

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derradikaler sent:

Arendelle, more like Aryandelle.

fuck it, I’m writing a fanfiction.